Robert Urban

Most of what I know about Nature, gardening, landscaping, environmentalism,
conservation and organic farming, 
I learned from my father – Leonard. He was a
professional landscaper and an avid organic gardner. 
When I was a young boy
he worked as a garden specialist at a Darien, CT plant nursery. 
He later opened
his own, successful, organic health food store – LEONARD’S ECO-FARMS –
in Westport, CT.

When I was around 4-5 years old, my dad started me out in gardening by giving
me my own 
15′ x 15′ square plot of backyard garden to plant & maintain. He
often took me for long natures hikes in 
the woods near our Norwalk, CT home.
He would always point out and name all the plant, 
flower & tree species around us;
even in car rides and vacations. He loved to point out all the 
facets and histories
of the natural surroundings we passed through. 

At age 5 – Proudly showing off my very own little garden plot. That summer I raised tomatoes, sunflowers, corn & pumpkins.

In short, my dad Leonard passed on his green thumb to me.

My father, Leonard, as a young man around 1950 – caring for his own lawn back in Norwalk, CT (here removing dandelions & other weeds by hand).

In my youth I worked taking care of neighbors yards & gardens – mowing lawns,
etc. While in high school and college, I worked at various landscaping/gardening
jobs around 
Fairfield County, CT – gaining much horticultural experience along the way.

After college, as a performing musical artist, I moved to Manhattan’s Upper West Side.
Around 2009 I founded “Gardens by 
Robert”, as part of my sole-owned arts-design business

With no advertising or promotion,
my garden design & maintenance work for Manhattan homes
& businesses quickly spread by word of mouth.  “Gardens by Robert”
is now my full time day job. 

Just-picked spring lettuce – container-grown in my own back yard on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.                                                                 

Visiting the Highline Park in Chelsea, Manhattan. A great place for inspiration; and to observe the kind of flowers/shrubs/trees that do well in NYC’s climate zone.                           

Visiting an upstate NY corn-field. Still a farm-boy at heart ~

At Grand Teton National Park, June 2017

Below: “Serenade” Nature photo slideshow homage. Featuring Robert Urban’s musical arrangement of “Serenade for Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello and Harp, Op. 30, 1st movement” (1925) by Albert Roussel.  All photos taken by R. Urban at EASTON MOUNTAIN retreat in Greenwich, NY.